Oct 24, 2000
Well, I am really starting to like my bike after a year and a half. I was wondering if there is away to put real forks on her? I know there has to be away but a cheap way! I am just seeing if it is possible. I am getting a yz125 here soon:p


Aug 22, 2000
We did this on a DR 350 a few years back. Installed some White Power upsideowners from a KTM.

Installation required new top & bottom tripleclamps (from Applied Engineering). Purchased the ones for the KTM, then had the center post pressed out, and the post from the DR installed.

The brakes were the most difficult. The rotor from the DR didn't even come close to matching what would fit on the forks. Had to re-lace the wheel with a KTM rotor, then use the KTM brake. NOT CHEAP!

Even tho I work in the industry (and machine work was done for free), the whole process cost about $800.

Was it worth it?

Sold the DR350 about 6 months after the conversion and bought a DRZ. Nuff said!
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