Jul 28, 2000
I am looking at a 97 KDX 220, The bike is in excellent shape. Has hardly been ridden in last 3 years. The bike has the original brake pads at approx 65%, no dents in the pipe just scratches in the plastic. the bike is tight. oringinal sprokets and chain which show hardly any wear. I dont know if the bike has had a new piston put in it but it has good power. Are the KDX bikes ported for lower to mid power? It doesnt have the power band kick like my other friends 98 KX 250.? I live BC where we have tight trails, hill climbs etc. Is there anything i should be looking for specificly? THe seller wants around $3800.00 for it is that too much? I have not been able to find any used KDX 220's anywhere!!! I would like any kdx 220 from 1997-2000! How much would one of them approx go for. I have so many questions!
Thanks for any replys!:think


Sep 4, 1999
Hello FatXR,

I just went through the same thing here in Calgary - new or used and how much? Just so you have a reference point, a new 2001 KDX 220 goes for about $5,000 Canadian, plus PDI ($285) + GST and since you're in BC you must add PST. I was also looking at a used 2001 and they were asking $4,450 Canadian. You can check out the following three sites to see what other people are asking for a similar bike:


IMO the price of $3,800 is a bit high. On the other hand, if you can't find any other bikes for sale that may be the price to pay. I would offer him $3,400 and see what he says. These are just my opinions, others may think differently. Happy hunting.

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