Jun 12, 2001
can anyone tell me what used ktm 125's i should look for and how good they are and what is good and bad about the bike because i want a ktm but cant afford a new bike i have a ktm dealer near my house so i should be able to get parts for them if needed. any information will be appreaciated. thanks:cool:


Apprentice Goon
Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
There are a few sites on the web that you can do a search for bikes. has one, and I like There you can do a search by bike name, size, and local. It also has a section that you can do a pricing comparison of all the models you ask for.
If I were going to buy a good used 125, I would look around for a 2000 125sx. Great, fast, bike.....maybe not the best for woods, but the leader in gittyup go. You still may pay 4000 or better for a good one. KTM's aint cheap!
Good Luck


Feb 26, 2000
tristan, I picked up a 98 125SX this spring that I have been using for trail riding. I have no complaints. As long as you aren't expecting much for low-end power, this bike will do anything you need. My understanding is that there are no significant changes in the bike since 98. BTW, I am 6' 2" 170 lbs., and rarely do I need to use the clutch on hills, so there is some bottom-end. And whenever I do fan the clutch, there is all kinds of power there. Good luck,



Feb 24, 2001
hey, left kick isn't that bad, when i first got the bike it fired up really quick, but alas, the piston fairy came and claimed the piston and rings, now she sets waiting on her parts. Seriously, i have the 125 and an old 250 Four stroke, and i love it. Left leg trained for quick little kicks, right leg trained for long hard kicks that a four stroke needs. Besides it is still a ktm and their all great bikes.


Jun 18, 2001
great bikes

KTM bikes are great I've got a ' 85 KTM 250 it's had a ruff life and i'm just now having to do any real maintenace, but i think it's because of some bad gas, carb needs cleaning, i wouldn't recommend a 250 for trail rides or for tooling around mine isn't happy unless you've got the rpm's up, if i do get another one it'll be a newer 125, so i feel you'll like it alot and it is worth the extra cash to get it :cool:

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