Mar 27, 2001
I need some opinions about having a vintage class at our hare scramble races. Last year we kicked the idea around, but decided not to try it. Our club is in D17 and even though D17 won't recognize the class for points, we could have one if people are interested. At the last race there was a guy riding a 74 Penton. We will have around 10 races next year and need to start getting our schedule together. The races would be held in central illinois and sanctioned by AMA.

So what do you guys think, anyone interested????? If so, any advice on class rules. I don't want to get in a peeing contest over one bike having too much travel. It is for fun and a $4 trophy.


Sep 22, 2000
I would be there in a heart beat if the Land of Lincoln was closer.:(

I have been racing in the Vintage class in Hare-n-Hounds and have been having a blast! :)

Any fool can ride a new modern bike and hope to finish---but the challenge of finishing on something 31 years old is where it is at. :)

Unfortunately,,,not much interest in the class so the USRA has combined the Vintage with the Antique class (everything up to 1982) and there is still only 2 or 3 of us that show up to race.

Vintage riders are scared to scratch their bikes up! :p


Baked Spud
Jan 1, 2001
Originally posted by KWJams
Vintage riders are scared to scratch their bikes up! :p

Mine came pre-scratched. It's me I'm askeered of scratchin' up.
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