Sep 22, 2000
This concerns all motorcylists, we need to help each other when we can.

October 12, 2000
Virginia campaign ad promotes fear of motorcyclists

Virginia Democrats have launched an attack ad against a Republican U.S. Senate candidate, but the target they’ve hit is motorcyclists, AMA.

The Virginia Democratic Coordinated Campaign, in an effort to bolster the re-election bid of U.S. Sen. Charles Robb (D-Va), is sponsoring a television advertisement attacking former congressman and Virginia Gov. George Allen, Robb’s Republican opponent. The ad shows Allen shaking hands with a motorcyclist while a narrator complains that Allen in Congress voted against a bill requiring criminal background checks to buy guns, and that he opposed a ban on assault weapons.

"The intent of the ad is clear: to make voters think that Allen associates with black-leather clad motorcyclists straight out of the movies who carry guns and swoop in on their motorcycles to terrorize towns," said Robert Rasor, the AMA’s vice president for government relations.

"This is outrageous," Rasor added. "The Virginia Democratic campaign machine is relying on old Hollywood stereotypes to try to instill fear in the voters so they’ll vote for Robb."

Rasor noted that the average American motorcyclist is male, 38 years old, married, has attended college, and earns $44,250 a year, which is a far cry from the outlaw image the political ad implies.

The AMA, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, and other concerned motorcycling groups strongly protested the ad, but the Virginia Democratic Coordinated Campaign and Robb’s campaign refuse to delete the offending segment from the commercial or pull the ad off the air.

The AMA is urging motorcyclists, especially Virginia voters, to contact the Virginia Democratic Coordinated Campaign and Robb’s campaign to let them know that this fear-mongering campaign tactic will backfire on election day, Nov. 7, and to urge them to take the ad off the air.

You can call the Robb For Senate campaign at (703) 960-7622. The Virginia Democratic Coordinated Campaign can be reached at (703) 960-7500. You can also send letters to: Kendra-Sue Derby, Virginia Democratic Coordinated Campaign Director, 5834 A North King’s Highway, Alexandria, VA 22303 or send her a fax at (703) 960-7300

Ken & Diane James
AMA Field Rep #869
If you don't--Who will?


Mr. Meltsomeglass
Jul 25, 1999
It is a very bad ad for sure. But falls right inline with the spineless tactics Robb's campaign is using. Being a resident of VA I cant wait untill his sorry arse is out of office. Just my opinion of course

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