VSTA ride at Loretta Lynn's in October


Jul 5, 2000
A group of buddies and me are planning on going to this ride and have been looking forward to this all year.
None of us are club members.

What do we need to do to go to this ride?



Jun 17, 2000

membership runs from July to July I think , I have my renewal sent off but haven`t heard anything back yet.

the website gives all the info on the rides and the club , there are more rides than just the Oct ride


Jul 27, 2000
Let's see if I can answer some of the questions about the LL Ride:

Yes, VSTA membership is required for the LL Ride, but for heaven's sake it's only $15 per year (July 1 to June 30 for everbody), and you can put any of your immediate family (lives with you) on your membership. If you're not already a VSTA member, you can do this in advance if you like (link below), or you can sign up on-site at rider registration at LL's. No, you don't have to live in Tennessee to be a VSTA member. We have members from about 14 states. Last year's long-distance award went to four guys from New Mexico who took a week of vacation and drove two days to come to the LL Ride (I don't think they were disappointed!). We also had a guy from Italy (no joke) who spoke broken English. Just happened to be in the States and heard about our ride, so he came.

ATV's are welcomed.

The rider fee is $25 per rider for the entire weekend. No gate fee and no guest fee for non-riders. Day parking is also free.

As we have it planned right now, there willl be multiple trails: a newbie trail for the little ones, a rookie trail, a main trail (intermediate challenge), and some separate sections for advance bikes only. We're also hoping for a scenic trail as well, but that's still iffy.

Some of the trails we use are the same ones the "big boys" ride for the GNCC and former ISDE Qualifiers. Speaking of "big boys", some of them are planning to come to our LL Ride, but we're not ready to talk openly about that right now.

You can get a flyer from the VSTA website that will answer most of your questions (Link below). It is accessed from the "Calendar 2001". While you're there on the calendar, you can click on the banners from our other VSTA rides if you like, and see what they're like.

You don't have to pre-register for the ride, just show up.

This year we will have a full three-day ride, Friday Saturday, and Sunday (Oct 26-28). When you read the LL info flyer, pay special attention to the hours that registration is open and the schedule of mandatory riders meetings.

Here's some direct links:

VSTA website: http://www.VSTArider.com
VSTA membership form: http://VSTArider.com/Pages/Members.html
LL info flyer: http://VSTArider.com/Pages/News/LL Flyer 2001 prelim.htm



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