Dec 11, 1999
Well my Son had his races today so off we go. We get there and there a little buzz around pits theres gonna be some big name guys here. Last year brock sellards and nick wey showed up there. In rolls a ktm truck. Im thinking sellard?. Out jumps shane watts!! I ride mostly woods so he a idol. Guy is fast as hell and has to much talent. He sat my son on his bike and let me get pictures, nick also signed and let me get picture. These guys were class acts. Unlike some of the big name sx'ers that can be asses. Nick wey is real a good guy he went out of his way to give autographs and stuff. he even said on the mic to stop by anytime he will be more than happy to sign autographs. I know i would get tired of signing papers all night but he did it with a smile. great guy. Anyway this is district 11 and the race was great
first moto 125 Wey won followed by Mike Burkehart"local guy" and Watts finished back in the pack which surprised me. 250 Wey won, Watts 5th
second motto local guy Mike Burkehart won great race i over heard wey after race say he was going as fast as he could and that mike is fast. But i knew this. Ive watched mike geat better every race. Wey got second watts 3rd.
250 wey won, watts went donw and finished 5 or 6th. Watts was on his 200 maybe should have rode a 250. even still, no doubt in my mind hes one of the best all-around riders there is. I was impressed with how good the distict 11 boys held up. I should get some pictures back this week ill post a link to them.
My son finished 10th out of 30 riders,not to bad but he left alot in the bag, cheered him up some seeing watts finish back in the pack.
Overall was a great race.
Just had to tell someone:confused:
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