Jul 5, 2007
I have been looking for a 125 1993-98 for cheap and to fix up myself. While doing this a friend of mine tells me he has a friend of a friend who is selling a bike cheap. I go to look at it, the guy says it was his friends bike that was financing it from a local dealer but got into drugs or what not and somehow ended up in his hands without a title. He says it is a 04 KX 100 and wants 1K for it.

1. How do I know if this isn't stolen. I mean it came from a dealer, I really don't care if the dealer misses it i just don't want to buy "little Bobby's" birthday present. Thiefs suck.

2. He says it is a KX 100 but it looks more like an 80. Is there a way I can find out with out the title?


Apr 18, 2006
Get the VIN number off the bike, which is located on the frame "steering tube" section.

The 10th digit will tell you what year it is. The other digits provide useful information as well, such as the manufacturer. You can enter the entire VIN on the Kawasaki web site and it should positively identify it for you. Look here:

As for the possibility of it being stolen, if you have any suspicions at all I would get the VIN and then contact the police and/or department of motor vehicles and ask them to run the number in their database. If it has been reported as stolen they shoudl be able to tell you.



Jun 20, 2007
hey if your looking for something to fix up i have a 1990 cr 125r its condition is excellent. it needs top and bottom end work. i bought it for 400 as it is now. i just dont have time to fix it. so ill sell it to you for 400 like i bought it. you can e-mail me at if your interested.
Jan 3, 2007
Vilimous, if the vin off the frame and engine is still there the bike is most likely not stolen. Also, the vin will tell you if its a 100 or 80. The KX100s wheels are 19inch and 17inch where as the 80s are 17inch and 14inch.
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