May 5, 2007
what happens when you stall the bike in the air?Like if you tap the brake without clutchin it.Ive heard not to do it and dont know why.I figured itd be best to ask on her instead of tryin it and findin out. ;)
On a side note my first race is this weekend.

High Lord Gomer

Poked with Sticks
Sep 26, 1999
When you tap the rear brake in the air it usually causes the bike to rotate forward. That is fine as long as just before you land you get back on the gas to reverse that rotation and get ready to drive forward. If you stall the bike in the air, you can't correct it if it over-rotates forward. I have seen good riders jocky the bike back and forth several times by alternately hitting the gas and the rear brake while airborne.

If you do kill the engine while in the air it is not too bad a long as you don't over-rotate forward before landing. Some bikes, 2 strokes and 4 strokes with automatic compression releases, will restart easily upon landing. Some will not, these include YZF426s, older KTM 4 strokes, and older XRs.

john stu

Jan 7, 2002
if the landing is slippery or your on a bike with lots of compression hold on because your going or for a ride............oouch...............if i did stall in the air without pulling in the clutch i would pull it in anyway before landing just so i would not land with the rear tire locked up and maybe crash (i do ride a 500 and they are hard to jump start) and then once under control after landing i would try to bump start


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Oct 19, 2006


Aug 21, 2005
I find it easier to just shove the front down, I have never needed to brake tap. You might get away with pulling the front back up. Still, grab the lever, hit the ground, and then you can try to bump start it. It could be a lot more fun than you planned for.
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