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Jan 28, 2000
Hey all.. I just wanted to drop you a quick line let you knwo why I've been so absent..

I'm writing this from KXVET's computer right now as he is putting his finishing touches on his new Mobile wagon.. We are heading out to Mt. Morris for the national in the AM.. If your going to be around on Ameteur day, or Sunday in the Pro pits please stop by, We'd love to say high!

I've had less than 2 hours sleep in the last 55 hours.. Been real busy at the shop. Caught a red eye out here this morning with our next SA from AZ.. Now a total of ten..

Anway so what have we been doing. TESTING TESTING TESTING.. I've realy had the opertuinty in the kast few mounths to get back to what I love about this business.

With our recent WP deal we've been given the opertunity to do alot of cool stuff. The Majority of my time has been with the KTM PDS shock and the 43mm Fork.. We've been working on a single low flow piston with very "interesting" things happening.

Couple of Key Points.. With the KTM linkage (or lack there of) we are not geting the increase in damping exspected in the JAP applications. This requires a pretty substantial increase in high speed compression which has a mitigating affect on the plushness. Careful set-up is absolulety required. The Low flow design dramitcally improves the low deflection characteristics and traction and control are substantouly improved. My point is the Linkage is much more critcal than I had grown aucustom to brushing over quickly. You get used to all these current bikes with almost the same curve..

PDS progressives vs straight rate springs. Testing has demonstarted to us that the major improvement is in cornering precsion. The Straight rates tend to dynamicaly place more weight on the front wheel and therebye tighten up steering substantouly without special triple clamps. In follow up conversations with WP it seems that my long term veiw that progressives are ok if you can control crossover points/rates is validated by the fact that the SXS componets actauly use specail springs...

Anyway as of Friday I've got 3 sets of 48mm Forks and SXS 5018 shocks for testing. Should be very cool..

My Treat for the readers of this forum will be a full assesment of all the Factory bikes suspension this weekend at HighPiont.. I'll be bringing my Digital Camera and snaping Photos and geting the information for a report here next week.. I'll even spell check it..

Have a good weekend, see you at the track! It's late and I need some major sleep!

Best Regards,


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Dec 6, 2000
Any idea when the low flow piston for the KTM PDS will be availible? I was about ready to send in my shock for rebuild and revalving. I can wait a little if the new piston will be availible in the near future. With the new piston is it better to go with a straight rate or progressive spring? Or does it depend on the type of riding? Thanks.
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