Whos planning on Glamis for Thanksgiving?


Feb 8, 2001
I know we're still months away but the other Glamis thread has me all antsy now!! So who's planning on being there for the craziest week of the year?

I'll be ther for sure. Not sure where I'll be camped, last year we were in the trees right off the highway just before you get to Vendor Alley. I'll have my lifted golf cart for close to camp expeditions, my ALL Yellow YZ400 for deep trips into the dunes, and my lifted Explorer for the day trips to olds the drags and the nighttime party!! What are you guys bringing??????


Aug 26, 2000
I'm not going to Glamis but I will be a little farther south at Gordon's Well. It's a little more sane for me and my family than Glamis. I will be there the entire week starting the Sat. before Thanksgiving. We usually take a day ride over to Glamis (probably on Fri.) to check out all the mayhem. We'll cruise by comp. and olds. then head to bordmanville to relax eat lunch and then we head back to Gordons.

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