Will a KDX climb from a dead stop......


Jul 30, 2003
....or do you need a run? I am still considering getting a used KDX, but in all honesty I'll probably get an XR. Would love to hear the reasons why I shouldnt get an XR. I will trail ride only, no racing, and I always loved hill climbing. (I live in West Virginia)


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Mar 15, 2003
Yeah, it will

Yesturday I was riding on a very steep and long trail when I let my mind drift for a second... I stalled the bike and started sliding backwards and my right foot caught on something I'm not sure what but I heard a loud pop as the bike went over with my foot under it and felt some pain too my ankle. I sat there a minute and called Canyncarvr on the radio and let him know I may have a screwed up ankle. By the time he came down I was standing on my feet so no need to carry my fat butt out of there LOL and we discussed whether to head back down or continue up. Going down just was not an option for me, so after kicking the bike over with my other leg about a dozen times it finally started and I headed up the trail (I started out in 1st with my feet dragging behind me, but as soon as I got my balance I got on the pegs).
BTW, I recently installed Boyesen Power Reeds, I can really lug it down low a lot better than I could before.

I've never rode an XR I can't say anything about it. But the KDX200 works well for me, there are plenty of easy mods to keep it interesting. I weigh around 242 lbs. (23# less than I did when I first bought the bike) and it pulls me around no problem.

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Sep 14, 2002
I ride with a 2001 kdx200 and a xr200, the kdx can be run down low like a 4 stroke. As long as you jet correctly you can runner low and roll on the power to get that 4 stroke like traction, with out having to worry about wheelspin. Suspension wise a newer kdx compares pretty equal to a late model xr250. Both make excelent trail bikes. Plusses for the kdx-more power,less weight,more potential later for upgrades. Plusses for an XR-stone reliable(not that theres any reliability issues with the kdx) awsome trail bike,one of the most nimble,air cooled(not the greatest for power but a bunch of less stuff to go wrong) great gas milage. I don't think you could go wrong with either choice. It kinda comes down to what you favor more.

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