Oct 4, 2000
I noticed today that Yamaha is making a WR250 two stroke for sale in Australia based on the YZ 250. I love my '95 WR250, but I wish I could upgrade to one with the latest YZ chassis and motor. I have talked to people who have built their own with a YZ250 and installing the gear set for a WR426. It works great, but you still don't have the lighting coil, 18 in wheel, headlight, etc. Basically, Yahama has all the parts needed to make a very versatile off-road (desert, MX, enduro, HS, ISDE, trail) bike with minimal effort. Why won't they give KTM a run for the money and import an american version of the WR250? Canada even got the '98 WR when the US stopped with the '97 chassis. Does anyone know why?

You can check out the YZWR250 two stroke at the following link:

Australian WR250 2 stroke link


Jul 12, 2000
Cool bike, I have to think that those would sell great over here, but I doubt we'd ever see them. Anyone know what the two wires that are coming off the rear brake master cylinder are for?
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