Jun 16, 1999
I'm going camping this weekend, taking the 650 along with me. I'll be at around 5,000ft elevation, the temp will probably be somewhere in the 80's.

I'm rejetting for the altitude, but the only main jet I have right now that will work is a 165. I'm currently using a 175, and it works perfect. Would a 165 work alright, or would it be too small? I really don't wanna go by another jet or two if I don't need them.

Thanks! :)

Mark C.

Posts Too Much
Nov 1, 2000
A fellow DRN'er had replied to a post about jetting and gave info on doing the math on main jet size by altitude, main, correction factor. I just did what he did before by multipling the correction factor by the main jet now to give the next main jet he should use. Went along something like that.....:)
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