Jul 12, 2001
Can anyone help me identify the valve clearances for the XR70 (1998). I have the service manual for my XR400 and have completed this already on mine.

As the motors are famous for tightening down on the valves I would like to adjust my son's as well.

Also how do you idendify TD Center on the XR70? I noticed that there isn't the two holes on the left side like my 400/

Thanks in advance,:)


Mar 7, 2001
On my son's XR100 ,and his older XL75 there are marks on the flywheel, an F and a T. I believe the T is TDC, and the F is a few degrees BTDC where the engine fires. I have always set the valves on his .008 exhaust and .006 intake. Actually that is where I use to set my old XR200 also. I found any tighter than that, especially exhaust, and it wouldn't start when hot.

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