Nov 7, 2003
I have a Yamaha RT180 that I am having trouble with. My son was using the bike while I was away and then it quit running. I checked a few things and first of all I found the cylinder full of gas, so I thought either carb trouble or he just kept trying to start it. I pulled the carb apart and clened it up but it still wouldn't start. I checked for spark and had spark. I remebered my son said tha the throttle was sticking and he took it apart, so I thought maybe something in the kill switch went bad. I pulled the kill switch apart and cleaned it up, then the bike started. It ran for a little while then died and now it won't start again, the kill switch was not touched before it died so I really don't think that was the problem in the first place. Anyone have any ideas?



May 17, 2002
Well, It takes a little more info. to long distance diagnose. You should start out with a new plug.
Try it on the outside of the engine first. If no spark you will have to go through a process of elimination, going back to the kill switch, then the plug cap end, etc. all the way to the magneto.

Once you get it to fire then you can work on the fuel. Two strokes are sensitive to temp changes. So you must list specific jet sizes etc.

By the way my son's second bike was a RT 180 and it served him well. Just don't do much jumping or you'll be hunting a welder.

Good luck, hope this gives you a place to start.
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