Nov 14, 2000
I'm looking to get a new bike, I plan to use it for everything (like always) But i'm kinda ify about getting the 250F cause I haven't ridden or owned a 4 stroke in so long. So far everything says get the 250F. I want to know what owners of the bike think of thier rides, do they handle like the 2 smokes? I have trouble now whipping around my '01 CR and its pretty darn light. Will the extra wieght make it that much harder or is it all in my head? From what I can tell they look like they track straighter and hook up much much better. I plan to keep this bike for a long while unlike my CR I'm sure the motor won't disapoint me. I've seen the '02 YZ125 and its really nice and just as tempting. Whats it like working on the 250f? when it comes to racing has anyone had any troubles getting it into the 125 class? I'm sure either way I'll love either bike, but I want some good genuine feedback. I have my name on a waiting list for the first 125 or 250F the dealer gets in. thanks in advance guys. oh yea btw my skill level is intermediate trails beginer MX. (i'm working on it)

'01 CR125R - Forsale
'02 YZ ???


Apr 3, 2001
Before this year, I took about 5 years off from riding and MX racing. Previously, my favorite bikes were always 125s. I've owned various 125s, 250s, and a CR500, and the 125s were by far the most fun. When I decided to get back into riding, I also debated between a 125 and the new 250f. I decided on the 250f mainly because it sounded so good, and because it's the new kid on the block. It's always fun owning the bike everyone else wants to hear about.

Throughout this year, even though I've been having a great time on my new Yamaha, I was still debating whether my next bike (2003) will be a 125 or 250 4-stroke (maybe a CR125 or CR250F?) This past weekend, after a friend let me take a few laps on his CR125, my eyes were opened! I will never go back to a 125. My 250F is better in every way! Way more power, way better suspension, much more traction. The CR did turn better than my Yamaha, but I plan to work on that. Once up to speed on the track, the CR did not feel much lighter than the 250f, probably because the Yamaha's suspension it so much better.

Maintenance: In the 4 months I've had my 250F now, I've only had to change the oil, filter, and air filter every few rides. No other maintenance issues. No starting problems here.

I found another benefit that nobody seems to mention. The YZ250F only uses about half the fuel that a 125 uses, and it doesn't require expensive two-stroke oil at $5+ per bottle. The net effect is that your fuel costs are 1/4 that of a two-stroke!

Hope this helps.


Nov 17, 1999

If the decision is strictly between the 125 and 250f then by all means get the 250f. The 125's are great but have a small range of power where the 250f can be ridden anywhere in its powerband. They like to be lugged or bounced off the rev-limiter, either works. At first the 250f is kinda boring compared to the 125, there is no pronounced "hit"... just smooth, tractable power. It's a different riding style than the 2-smoke, much more relaxed. However it pays in the long run as your riding style will adapt to it. Personally I have not missed my 2-smoke one bit after switching to the 250f. The only complaint I have is on really tight tracks the stock gearing is too high. I've had some problems getting through big rhthym sections when you don't have any run to them. However it's all relative as those same sections would give 125's a fit as well. Good luck, let us know what you get.
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