Yz250 plug went white

Aug 29, 2018
I have A 01 yz250. One day I lost power lost all my Messy unburnt oil From the pipe and overflow tube, The exhaust doesn't sound loud as the rpm's increase. Also my gas mileage went down the drain. I pulled the plug and it was white ,the bike always ran super rich with big puddles of oil from the overflow tube after riding.. Stock jetting one owner bike adult ridden. Long story short took it to PC had them put all new seals and OEM crank and top end came back with a white plugs still and no power. I did a pressure test no air leaks at 7 pounds for 10 minutes. Brand new cylinder not renick. New rad valve, Rebuilt the carburetor multiple times even replaced it with a brand new lecton. If I go from the stock needle setting of 2 and switch to 3 I actually get color on the plug but the power is not back. Plus im at 6500 So stock settings should be rich as they were for 17 years..It's flat from the bottom and all the way to the top end. New cdi, Removed my Ricky stator lighting stator Back to the oem. Anyone have the magic answer I literally replaced everything on the motor with new parts. Power valve opens and closes properly manually and with the cover off and the motor running it activates and deactivates. new linkage for the side ports they close all the way and open properly. I'll attach a picture of the piston that came out prior to rebuild,it had maybe 30hrs .it runs the exact same prior to rebuild even with all the new parts on the inside and outside of the motor. 32/1 k2 oil 91 pump