2002 Pw80 Shif Shaft Replacement

Mar 1, 2015
Hi guys,

My son hit a tree and broke the shifter lever off on his 2002 pw80.

I pulled the right side cover, removed clutch pack, pulled out shift shaft and replaced. Put all back together and bike runs in neutral, but once u pop it into 1st, it lunges forward and dies. If I give it a little rolling start (while running in neutral) I can shift into first and start riding. I can then go through all 3 gears. No problem. But once u come to a stop (in 1st gear) it stops hard and dies. DID I MISS SOMETHING? I'm nearly
Positive I put it back together properly. Not that complicated. Seems to me that "something" isn't disengaging properly. That being said, it sounds a little funny when in 3rd

I should be able to put it in 1st and have it still run and ready for throttle. and thoughts, tips
Advice appreciated. Thanks!!

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