Views from a substation

Jul 27, 1999
Here's some stuff I shot over the last couple of weekends. I took a bunch of different shots and I was trying something different with color and HDR. I think I'm close to something good but I'm not sure I really accomplished what I was shooting for. There is a view in my head that I just can quite zero in on, but here are some first attempts.

I think I need to turn the camera on it's side and shoot this view as a panorama to really get the detail and look I want.

From the very top of the Humboldt Park electrical substation around 6:30am this past Saturday morning

A high key processing approach to the same shot similar to what most of the fine art guys use for their prints:
Jul 27, 1999
In front of the West Loop substation a week ago Saturday around 6:15 am

(Here's the color version just for comparision)

Jun 20, 2007
outstanding photos!! really... :cool:

ok, from the first set (view over the city), at first look, i like better the second pic. first i really like the slight tele view, not so wide that looses the far detail on smaller prints as in nº 4, wich actually, the more i look for, the more i like!

the nº 7 is very close to what i regularly see on large print framed pictures selling at large decoration and furniture shops (ikea comes to mind, don´t know if there are some at usa).

last two, between color and b/w... two very different photos. i guess is the sky that makes the color one have more visually impact.

is this chicago??


dismount art student
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Aug 29, 2004
I like the B&W's now all I need is to find some old gangster cars to paste in 


May 10, 2007
Look very closely at the last pic...........I think you can see a flying bullet! ;) (probably from that car ellandoh is looking for)

I'm really partial the the b&w ones, the one in the second set and the ground level ones being my favorites.
Jul 27, 1999
helio lucas said:
is this chicago??

Thanks for the feedback Helio, yes this is Chicago. I work for the power company and I am called out to lots of different areas at all hours of the day and night. I long ago learned to take my camera with my just in case a good view presented itself.

whenfoxforks-ruled said:
Is the first set, morning dew, or smog making the buildings blue? That is why I like #4.

Bob - The blue tone is a combination of manipulating the white balance and the HDR settings.
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Jan 27, 2000
Very nice stuff Rich. I like the blue tones also.

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