carb issues

  1. JacobMX

    Help Yamaha TTR-90 E carb issues

    I recently started working on my 2006 Yamaha TTR-90 E since it wasn’t running well. I was able to start the bike, but when I gave it some throttle, it would die. So I thought that this may be a carburetor related issue. So I took apart my carburetor and cleaned it with simple green and cleared...
  2. Jackel90zwithissues


    So I’ve got a jackel 90z (86cc) it will start and run, but if it DOES idle for long it acts like it’s gonna run away, it goes straight to high rpm, and doesn’t come down, can anyone tell me why, I have no air filter atm, also looking for proper carb adjustments. Tia -jackel90zwithissues
  3. C

    2006 crf250r wont start after installing the throttle

    Hello yall backstory here i traded my 1996 cr125 for my current 2006 crf250r. The bike had low compression and the shims where off spec so i decided to do a top and bottom end rebuild installing Wiesco piston,WIesco rings,Stage 2 cam,hot rod crank,Boysen clutch etc all the good stuff a bike...
  4. enduro spike

    05 kx250f starting issues

    Im loosing my mind over this dumb bike 05 kx250f New top end Brand new head all new valves i have rebuilt the carb again rebuild kit for jets and gaskets plus ap rebuild new choke jets only jet i didnt replace was the power jet.(didnt come with one) it takes for ever to start and when it does as...
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