1. B

    KDX220 altitude jetting

    Just purchased a 2005 KDX220. Looking for jetting advice for 6k to 11k altitude. the KDX FMF full exhaust system and Boyesen Reeds.
  2. jaguar

    Free Jetting for Weather Calculator

    is my video on how to use the Jetting for Weather Calculator and where to download it from. Just in time for seasonal changes. :-)
  3. zackbrappp44

    2001 kx125 bogging on bottom end and surging on top

    I have a 2001 kx125 this is running what pro Circuit recommend for jetting (I have a platinum pipe), but the bike seems to run rich in the low rpms and then up top it seems to have sudden surges once in a wile when I do a pull. I don’t want to ride the bike if it is going to damage the motor...
  4. zackbrappp44

    2001 Kx125 jetting problem

    Hey guys, I just rebuilt the top and bottom end of my KX125 and need to re jet the bike. I repacked the exhaust, cleaned the pipe and my jetting specs are 45 pilot, 350 main, stock needle on 2nd pos, air screw 1.5 turns. The bike seems to bog down low and when I get it into the power band it...
  5. K

    CR125 low power and stutter

    I have a 2002 that has very low power , just freshly broken in (properly ) with a oem piston, rings , and jug... The jetting should be spot on the only other thing that could be affecting it would be some fraying on the wiring harness. The wire is connect by about 6-7 strands...Not sure if that...
  6. N

    Help 04 Cr85 main jet problem!

    So in April I bought an 04cr85, for a while the thing ran perfectly, over time it started to lose top end power, a bit from the piston wearing down, and a bit of a sputter from running too rich. I'll start off by saying bottom end rpms run fine since I got the bike till now. But I recently...
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