1. JacobMX

    Help Yamaha TTR-90 E carb issues

    I recently started working on my 2006 Yamaha TTR-90 E since it wasn’t running well. I was able to start the bike, but when I gave it some throttle, it would die. So I thought that this may be a carburetor related issue. So I took apart my carburetor and cleaned it with simple green and cleared...
  2. MetalDredz

    How-To 1992 Yamaha wr200 Tusk wiring kit help

    Hello, I bought a 92 Yamaha WR200 last year and it's been great, attached some pictures. Was hoping to find some wr200 owners or anyone familiar with them , or atleast anyone that could help me out. Due to not having a truck or trailer to haul it to better riding locations I purchased one of...
  3. Tjb4199

    79 Yamaha Mx starts with idle way too high.

    Got the bike and it ran fine. Changed the back tire out, then finished. I accidentally moved the throttle chord to where it was stuck at half throttle and started the bike. I managed to get ahold of it and turn it off, and fixed my cable problem so I am at almost closed throttle. But the bike...
  4. Tomac, Ferrandis, Craig, Deegan & More | Yamaha SX Practice

    Tomac, Ferrandis, Craig, Deegan & More | Yamaha SX Practice

    Our camera caught a massive group of Blu Cru riders at the Lake Elsinore public supercross track after the San Diego Supercross. Watch Monster Energy/Star Ra...
  5. Okiewan

    VID Star Racing Yamaha Raw Practice

    RacerX Raw practice video: Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha's Eli Tomac, Dylan Ferrandis, Christian Craig, Nate Thrasher and (amateur) up-and-comer Haiden Deegan. Looks like Tomac is more comfortable on the YZ than the KX?
  6. C

    Yamaha TTR230 troubles

    I have a 2017 Yamaha ttr 230. I haven’t started it in about a year. I drained it, cleaned air filter, cleaned carb, and charged battery but it still won’t start. My brother pushed me and I started it in 2nd gear but it’s super clunky. RPMs shoot up on its own random pops and clanks. If I break...
  7. R

    Reproduction 1984-1985 YZ125 Air Filter Cage

    Selling reproduction air filter cages for 1984-1985 Yamaha YZ125 part #39W1445800, 40CAD plus shipping. Orders can be placed through DM, Facebook page (Rose City Racing) or you can find it on ebay Tested to fit with filter and bike, high quality design, strong construction Thanks for reading
  8. Y

    Help Yz125 transmission issues

    I have an 03 yz125. in neutral and the bike is off when you roll the bike backwards the transmission locks up but it’s intermittent. It does the same rolling forward but it’s not as bad. I’ve taken the chain off and spun the drive gear and it still happens. it’s also not like it’s grabbing a...
  9. offroadgrandpa

    2010 YZ450F starting issues...any advice?

    Once my bike gets up and running (warm) anytime I turn it off and try to start it again it takes at least 5 minutes before it will fire up again...I sure wish there was an easier way to get this sucker started once it is warm...my 2006 YZ250F has the hot start and it fires up first kick every...
  10. K

    Am I too heavy for a 125?

    So I'm looking at getting a Yamaha ttr 125, I'm currently around 150kgs (315lb) I believe. Will it be able to carry my weight?? Someone please help!!!
  11. E

    2004 yz125 oil change

    Does anyone know how much fork oil I should put in my 2004 yamaha yz125? - I am a 130 pound rider.
  12. S

    1975 MX125 Stator and Flywheel needed

    Hi first post here and looking for some help/advice. Does anyone know what models and years I could get a stator and flywheel from that would also fit this bike. Mine is totally rusted and no spark due to leaking water from the previous owner that leaked into it while it was stored in a barn...
  13. S

    2001 yz250 Revs HIGH when choke is off... Hard to kick start

    Very hard to kick start. Used to start right up, now takes a long time, lots of kicks. Once started it idles fine with the choke on, but revs HIGH when choke is off.. I've played around with the idle screw, but didn't make much difference. Thought maybe a possible air leak? But couldn't find...
  14. 2

    Help Vin number problems..

    I have an 84 yz250. i need the vin number to it and if anyone could decode it that would be amazing. i just don’t have the whole number. Guy before me put a grease fitting in so i’m missing 1-2 characters. help please. this is what i have AJY8A000FA003731
  15. R

    Dirtbike won't start backfires also

    I have a 2012 Yamaha yz250f someone plz help me i recently took apart my cylinder head down to the piston but didn't mess with the piston what so ever i put everything back together the way i was supposed to but when i tried to start the bike it wouldn't start and back fires occasionally new...
  16. V

    Help Yamaha pw80

    Hi I have a 2000 pw80 and I have no clue what is wrong with it I have replaced the Carbuerator, spark plug, and top end. It has good oil and good gas. When I kick it over it sounds like it wants to start but doesnt no matter how many times I kick.
  17. D

    Opinions On The 1995 Yamaha YZ 250

    Hello. I was wondering if you guys have anything to note about the performance of the 1995 YZ 250. So far, I have heard the MX Action Magazine deemed it the best bike of the year, but that's about it. I appreciate any inputs in advance.
  18. S

    Help 1997 KTM 250sx - or - 1994 Yamaha 250yz ??

    Looking for advice, which bike would you recommend? Any experiences with either of these bikes? I'm in southern California, so will parts be an issue for either bike. Please help me out, any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  19. DavidR8

    Help Help a newbie

    Hi all , I’m thinking about getting into riding. I ride street now but rode a CRF150F a few weekends ago at a local MX track. I had a blast! I’m 5’9”, 170 lbs. I don’t know if I should be looking at a 125 2t or a 250 4t Pure MX or woods? I anticipate riding mostly track, not racing though...
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