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Jan 18, 2001
Thanks to the DRN site, I was able to completely dis-assemble my front forks for an oil change, using a members' step-by-step while following my owners manual. I was admittidly timid about tearing into the twin chamber fork-they seemed a heck of a lot more complicated than my 50mm Marzocchis.
Now I want to attempt a revalve. The problem? I've never done it, and most shops don't want to give up the secrets on how to revalve. I'm also considering a Gold Valve for better oil flow.
Any help would be appreciated


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Aug 25, 2000
Wade, here is my 2 cents worth.

Based on what I have learned, the Gold Valve approach gives you a guide to valve stacks and can assist in your basic understanding of how the shim stacks work...but the Gold Valve technology, particularly with regards to modern forks appears to be some what questionable. Do a search on Gold Valves of midvalves and you will see numerous reasons to repute their theories.

My suggestion, keep on reading all you can on the subject (and this forum is by far the single best source I have found). Then, if you still wish, try some experimenting on your own. You can get all the parts for the stock valve from any of several sources, Jer being one. Or you can buy a valve kit from Jer and maybe other (but not sure obout other). This will provide you with all the partts you need to do the revalve yourself and the recommended stack for you.

I too considered Gold Valves at one time, but have since been "educated" and leaning another direction...and no, nobody will give up "the secrets"... this is their livelyhood. But "some" will assist you in educating you on whats going on inside your suspension, so a least you can make educated purchasing decisions.

Hope this helps.

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