'01CR250 Scraped dampening rod plating...will this matter?


Mar 15, 2001
While changing springs on my '01cr250, Since I didn't have the special U shaped holder, I used an open end wrench. this would have worked ok, but the wrench slipped, and put a gouge in the plating on the dampening rod. This is about 1/4" from the locking nut.

My question is, does the rod travel far enough while riding or while bottoming out for this area to go thru the seal?

I used fine sand paper and smoothed it out best I could, but it is pretty deep.

Upon closer examination, I noticed that there was a serious burr on my open end wrench. With this burr removed and a little care, I was able to do the other fork with no problems, so it is possible to get by without the special tool with the right technique.

Please answer my question so that I can have peace of mind or worry more, depending on the case.



Aug 25, 2000
Kookoo, my first reaction would be to say, no the rod doesn't travel far enought to place the seal within 1/4" of the nut...but I am not 100% sure.

As far as the "special tool", just cut one out of a small plate of aluminum with a hacksaw and file edges. The dimensions are in your manual and will save you the misery next time around.

Sorry, I can't be of more help, but would hate to lead you astray.

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