02 CR250 - How do i get more top end!


Apr 27, 2001
The 02 definitely needs more top end. I find myself shifting a lot on long straight a ways in comparison to my 01 cr. I am waiting for someone to try out the motosari reed cage or porting to see if that helps the top end.

02 turns better than my 01 and the suspension is great; it is firm without midstroke harshness, I had to turn the clickers out on choppy tracks( I will most likely put the ss7 oil in when I change the fork oil in the future since that made my 01 forks even better it should make the 02 forks better as well. The stock jetting is fine.

I do not think that the frame feels less compliant than my 01, it still has a very solid feel, but the suspension is much better. Enginewise, you need to shift a lot due to less over rev than the 01.



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Apr 29, 2001
If you are looking for increased top end, I would recommend the FMF SST pipe and shorty silencer over the Pro Circuit set up. It seems that Pro Circuits tendency lately is to build pipes for increased midrange and not much else. That's how it was for my '00 CR. That may be different for their '02 CR pipes. I have found no drawbacks with the FMF SST setup on my '00 CR and now my '02 YZ. I really like the increased top end pull and doesn't seem to lose power anywhere. My $.02


Oct 8, 2000
I don't think gearing is the answer (stock is 13/48, and judging by the pickup out of tight turns I think mine needs a 49 or maybe even a 50). If you want more rev I think you're on the right track. You may want to rethink your statement that jetting is fine... I think there's room for improvement, to say the least. I just rode mine for the first time yesterday, and it is way rich on the bottom, to the point of blubbering a little. Maybe the main is fine, but I'd at least try juggling brass before I spent a bunch of money.


Aug 5, 2001
You might want to wait and see what Pro Circuit has to offer. I know they have been testing for a while now and they might come up with some answers. Tom Morgan is pretty good with the CR's too.

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