04 kx85 Kickstart/compression is to stiff/high to kick over


May 24, 2021
Hey guys I'm a new rider and in my noobness was pushing the 2-stroke kx85 hard on a main road in third gear then went up a hill in third and the bike sputtered out and died. After it died the kick start was stiff and very hard to push down, it goes down but I'm unable to kick it over.

When I talked to some friends, they thought it could be a blown top end, so I took the cylinder head off to inspect the piston and the piston/head looks good.

Now the part that is confusing me is, after I took the cylinder head off and released the compression, the kickstart/piston moves up and down smoothly but when I reinstall the cylinder head the kickstart is stiff again like there is to much compression or something.

If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated!! Cheers!!
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