Oct 8, 2007
Brand new here!! Hello everyone.

My 81 Honda XR200R needs a new camchain and I am possibly looking to get a newer bike. I ride with my three sons on trails with some open spaces. They have an xr 70 for the nine year old, ttr90 11 year old and xr100 for the thirteen year old. They are all very good riders. I just bought the used ttr 90 last week so I really don't have any experience with it just yet. I have ridden Honda since I was a kid but have come across a WRF 400 that a guy wants to get rid of. I am 6'4" and weigh 240, but the 200 has been very good to me. I have no experience with Yamaha and was wondering if I should look at this yamaha or stick with it and find a Honda, although I know they are going to be more money. He is asking 1500 and it is a 98 model. No racing or jumping, I do my own work, keep everything maintained. I ride my Goldwing for the street but my boys really enjoy the dirt riding, and I am with them there too. I am 45 and been riding for 40 years!!! :cool: Thanks in advance.


Oct 5, 2007
deffinatly go for the yamaha, just be aware it will have alot more power then that honda haha, so take it slow at first
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