1984 Xl200r Wont start. Cdi router 160 degrees off when lining up F mark through peep hole


Jun 18, 2019
1984 Honda xl200r
My bike was dumped a couple of years ago by my son's friend so I don't know how bad it really was or if we had it running since as i cannot remember , but I don't think we have. Now that I have time I want to fix this.
So I cleaned carb, new plug and I verified spark etc. Cannot get it started even though being towed by lawn tractor is seems it tried to start (sputtered) when getting pulled along. So looking at other items, I found a thread that made me line up through the peep hole to the F mark line and I took the cover off the Cdi and noticed the router is about 160 degrees off the alignment mark where it should be. I'm assuming this is probably the issue or at least one issue that needs to be resolved before I can continue with getting the bike running.
Excuse my terminology but I'm thinking the timing chain or cam chain has some how jumped on the socket to cause this.

Questions in general.
- Could this of been caused by the bike being dumped hard as it ran fine before.
- What needs to be done or looked at to resolve this. Do I need to remove engine or can this be possible fixed when removing the side cover and Cdi only. I am afraid to remove cdi as I hear there is a pin that can fall into the engine.
- Expensive fix ? Dont want to spend a lot but my labour is free
Any thoughts would be greatly helpful.
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