Jun 30, 2001
I just got an 89 rm 250 I'd like to see what some of your experiences with this bike are. I was wondering if anyone knows any flaws of this bike...anything break often? Does it need rebuilt often? etc... also what items do you all recommend I purchase for it? What performance items work best? Thanks...


Aug 10, 2001
I had a 89 Rm 125 and it was a maintenance nightmare. I don't know about the 250 though. If it had the same type waterpump as mine watch out for the inboard impeller seal. You know it has failed when your tranny fuid is a milky grey. It's inexpensive to fix but you have to pull the whole side of the engine apart. I had water leaks around the head assembly. I also had powervalve slides break. (at $109 per slide) 4 total in the whole assembly. Seal at the drive sprocket fail. You name it, it broke. If I were you and didn't want to buy new. I would look for a nice early to mid 90's model Cr. They are the longest lasting, most reliable dirt bike made. I would like to hear someone argue that with me. Any takers?? :p


Mar 15, 2001
Tonester just hit the nail on the head right there. I have an 89 RMX250, its just a rm with lights. It has a different ignition, rotor and stator, and crank. But about everything else is the same.

Its either running HARD or its not at all. The 89 has the best suspension for its year, and the grease zerks are nice (VERY nice) and it runs really hard. Itll keep right up with my friends 94 cr250. You can run the crap out of this thing and it wont break. BUT when it does, it picks the most expensive parts to break. Garunteed, it finds the easiest fixes, but theyre the most expensive. Like water leaks, overheating, broken stator and rotor (ouch), ect... you name it, it breaks like tonester said. My powervalves are fine, I havent heard any probs with the 250s powervalves.

Were not trying to scare you away from it, its a great bike and all, but seems to be very costly:p And there IS NO arguing with the mid 90's cr's they are the best. period. :cool:
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