May 31, 2001
I have owned a 1991 KDX200 for a couple of years and have had a ball on it and thought it had a ample power for its size. I have been away from dirt bikes for a long time and did not have alot of recent experiance to compare to. This spring my 16 year old son and I purchased a low hour 1999 bike that a guy bought for his wife. When I rode the 99 I could not believe how much it rips. It is stock with no mods to date, and the 1991 has CDaves pipe mod and boyseen reeds, air box mod and FMF power core II. I am wondering if the newer bike is that improved in the power area or is the older bike just tired. I am goig to install an FMF torque pipe and a new chain and 50 tooth rear. I want low end POWER. Or do i look for a newer generation KDX?

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