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Dec 31, 1969

Owner: Kyle Smith (fatty_k)
Year: 1998 KDX 220
Mods: FMF Burly Rev pipe, FMF Turbine Core 2 silencer, Boyesen RAD Valve, airbox lid removed, Renthal bars/grips, Acerbis Rally pro hand
guards, MX number plate, Michilen tires, Devol skidplate/waterpump guard.


Owner: John Porter
Year: 2000 KDX 220
Mods: dynoport pipe and silencer n-style graphics and seat cover, black backrounds, deval front disc guard,and moose handguards


Owner: dennis collins
Year: 1999 KDX 220
Mods: Most of the usual mods (u heard it all before) mx r fender not here yet.


Owner: Bradley Allen
Year: 1988 KDX 200
Mods: Rare White KDX Version


Owner: Kieth Cautrell
Year: 1986 KDX 200
Mods: Renthal bars, Barkbusters, FMF silencer, Moose Racing fender bag


Name: Sharpy
Year: 1992 KDX 250
Mods: procircuit pipe, o ring chain, drilled airbox,
bash plate, KX rear guard, lots of carby and suspension mods etc etc. This bike might be old but it`s an absolute weapon in the Aussie bush.


Owner: Richard Hummel
Year :2002 KDX 220R
Mods:FMF Gold Series Gnarly pipe, pipe guard, FMF Turbine Core II silencer, Boyesen Power Reeds, Pro Taper bars, Bark Busters, Devol radiator guards, Devol skid plate, MSR shift lever, Maier MX style rear fender, Acerbis hand
guards, front headlight removed by a tree.


Owner: Rich Smith (Dragonfly)
Year :2001 KDX 220
Mods : FMF Gnarly Woods pipe,Turbine Core II Silencer, Weisco piston kit, Air box frisbe mod., Acerbis handguards.


The little one is a 1980 KDX 80,the first year of the KDX 80. The larger one is a 1996 KDX 200 with many aftermarket parts. It has pirrelli mt32 front and mt44rear,Russell steel braided front brake line, Devol skid plate,rear disc gaurd,and rear caliper gaurd,Genuine KAWASAKI parts for the motor upgrade to 220cc,Wiseco piston,FRP rear chain guide,RK X-ring chain,Sunstar front and rear sprockets 13/50,FMF Gnarly pipe and turbine core2 spark arrester,Moose pipe gaurd,IMS 3.4 gallon natural colored fuel tank,renthal hangers,Moose bark busters with natural colored flags,Boysen rad valve,One Industries seat cover with two inch
taller seat foam,Maeir rear motocross fender and front number plate. This has been a great and reliable bike to ride. I recomend them to all my friends. I race hare scrambles and enduros in the southeast with mine and have never had any mechanical problems, not even a fouled plug.


Owner: Bob Picchi
Year: 2003 KDX 200
Modifications: FMF Gnarly Woods pipe, Turbine Core II silencer, Moose pipe guard, Factory 909 grips, Answer Barkbusters, Acerbis universal vented plate, Maier rear MX fender, Airbox mods (tossed it), UNI filter, modified carb.


Owner: Tyler Burich
Year: 1998 KDX 2002
Pro-Circuit Platinum pipe and silencer, Factory Effex decal and seat cover kit, Renthal bars, Maier mx rear fender, Pirelli tires(oversize on rear), Recently regeared to 13 front, 51 rear, and DID gold chain. The bike also has a Devol rear disc guard. I ride in the central Illinois area.


Owner: Fred Szatkowski
Year: 2000 KDX220
Here are pictures of my Jeff Freddett (FRP) masterfully modified 2000 KDX220 sitting next to my 2001 Team Chevy Pro Staff Chevy Silverado Z71.Desert Riding Arizona Style

Mods: Wiesco Piston & Rings FRP Modified to 36mm Carb FRP Cylinder & Head modification FRP Chain Guide IMS Desert Tank
FMF Rev Pipe & Turbine Core II Silencer Dunlap 756 Front Tire
Dunlap 756 Rear Tire Meir Brush Guards Moose Pipe Guard
Uni Air Filter in Modified Air box Boysen Pro Stock Reeds
Renthal Bars O-Ring Chain Works Connection Skid Plate

Next on the List: FRP Front Springs, FRP Shortened Kick Arm, and a Scotts Steering Stabilizer for the KSX220 and a Toy hauler.

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