1994 kdx 200 jetting problems. PLEASE HELP!

Apr 18, 2001
Hi i have a 1994 kdx 200. There is a picture of it on the just kdx website on the last page of readers rides. ( that is if you feel like looking at the nicest 1994 kdx 200 around) Anyways to the main point, I just put on a FMF fatty pipe and powercore silencer and It improved power all over. THe fmf website says to leave jetting alone on it but i have read on the just kdx website to change it. What do i do? (keep in mind i have no clue what so ever on how to do jetting) what are some jetting reccomendations or over all help? PLease guys.....HELP ME! It is a kdx 200 with stock reeds and fmf pipe and silencer. Thanx

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