Aug 7, 1999
I am looking at a stiffer set of fork springs for my bike. I emailed off for a quote and was told by this particular dealer (of Eibach springs) that they didn't have a specific listing, but they had a spring that they thought would fit - it is 36.7 x 511mm.
This seems too long to me - my manual sez 457mm (although when I measured mine they were more like 470mm)

What is the correct spring size to get??

I checked eibach's web site and found that KX125 springs are 41.5 x 41.5 x 469mm.
Would these fit the KDX200 ??

96 KDX200
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Canadian Dave

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Apr 28, 1999
The Eibach springs look like XR400 units, that sound right? It should fit no problem. You might want to fire off a post to the Suspension Forum or do a forum specific search for the word coil or coils. There can be issues with longer springs given the increased number of coils. I don't expect it should be a problem is your case, particularly if it's the only springs you can get but get all the info you can before shelling out the cash.

No the KX springs won't fit.


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