XR400 springs in a '96 KDX200


G'day blokes, just after a bit of advice here. I am planning on putting a set of eibach fork springs into my 1996 KDX200.
I have ordered the XR400 units, as Eibach don't have a specific listing for the KDX, and I have been informed they will fit.
My old springs are 470mm long, but the new ones will be 510mm.
Can anyone reccommend what preload I should use??
BTW, new springs are .41kg/mm; I come in at 75 - 80 kg, and I do mostly woods riding, enduro & pony express, and a little bit of natural terrain MX (no big jumps). I am a medium - fast rider.

Thanks for all your help !



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andrew, the springs should work fine, I think that CanynCarvr runs xr springs in his bike. In fact if you can find a pair that someone has taken out of a xr 400 the pre99's had .38 springs and the newer ones have .40 springs.You will either have to cut down the stock spacer or make a new one out of pvc pipe. I would run around 10mm of preload.--Dan


thanks for your reply, Dan. 10mm sounds a little better: I posted this question on the suspension forum but only got one reply; his recommendation was 80 - 120mm(!!!)

I can't remember how big my stock spacer is, but it doesn't matter; I'll find out when I strip it down!

canynCarvr, if you're listening, what's your experience with the XR spring as a replacement, and what preload are you using?

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