Apr 11, 2001
thanks to mark on yahoo group 200

extract from manual.
As below remove the carb from the bike.
Arrange the carb diagonally at about 60 so that that spring in the float
needle value is not pressed together. In this position the edge of the
float should be parallel with the float chamber see surface.

Unless you are experienced / have good eye sight the above can be difficult.

easier way if you like the taste of petrol.

There is a line engraved into the black plastic slide. With the carb right
way up breath into the fuel line that normally connects to the fuel tank.
Slowing lift the float until the air stop coming out. At this point the
engraved line of the slide should be parallel with the body of the carb. (or
shut off just before the line is parallel. )

best way.
The plug in the bottom of the carb is a standard metric plumbing thread.
Either get a plug / bung from a plumbing store or buy a standard plug for
about $12 US. Drill a hole in the bottom and tap a thread in it.

Connect a "Threaded at one end / fuel hose at the other end" copper fitting.
These are normally for connecting air line to air tools. etc. Shorten the
fitting as much as possible. Use a 90 elbow if you can find one. Connect a
clear hose to the fitting.

Now with the standard bung remove screw in this new "tool" you have made.
With the plastic tube taped to the side of the carby you can now see the
fuel hight. The fuel should be even with the carby body.

This method takes into account if the float has a leak, etc

Depending on the bike you can use this tool without removing the carb.
Kawasaki use to sell these 15 years ago. But I think you have to make one


Nov 8, 1999
The temples, I would love to see a diagram of what you are talking about. I kinda like the tricky way around things.

XRYZJJ: The temples is right about how the manual reads, and it's not that hard to set the float using that method. You just need a protractor to draw a 60 degree line on the wall in your garage. Then you just line up to carb base to the line and eyeball to see if the base and the 'line' on the float is parallel. If the two are not parallel, adjust accordingly.
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