2000 Yamaha YZ250 Spring Rates Question!


Aug 21, 2000
Looking for just a simple spring swap! Happy with the quality of the suspension, it just bottoms too easily when jumping or riding fast over rough terrain. I'm 220lbs (vet rider) and use the YZ for Outdoor Motocross only. What would be your suggested spring rate front/rear? Stock is 0.430 Fork (and all Yamaha has listed as stiffer in the manual is a 0.440) Rear stock spring is a 4.8 The funny thing is that the sag seems to be in the ballpark. Thanks for your help!


Oct 4, 2000
You can get .45kg springs from yamaha, use the opt. springs from a yz426, and I ran a 5.2kg rear, on a couple bikes,
p/n 5et-22212-30-00 rear
but I can remember the frt fork springs, I think it was 5et-23141-50-00??
when you do this, you will need to turn the rebound in a bit, like two clicks frt and rear.

Good luck
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