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Jul 20, 2000
I bought Acerbis handguards but the Pro Taper adapter kit won't fit the Magura SX bar. Does anyone know of any adapters that will work or do I have to swap out bars to make this happen?


I'm not sure if they will work with the Acerbis, but Enduro Engineering sells bar mounts by themselves and they have seperate part numbers for four different types of O/S bars (Pro-Taper, Magura, Tag and Stock KTM). Lots of neat stuff on their site. Check'em out: Click.


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Sep 24, 2000
Acerbis hand guards

I have the same hand guards on my 400. My advice is to call Enduro Engineering and use their mounts. In fact, I will most likely take the Aceribs off and buy the EE guards. I was very dissapointed with weak handle bar mounts - stripped threads...

Good luck!

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