200EXC and the Famous No.7 Slide.


Jul 5, 2000
A few weeks ago I ordered the No.7 slide. I also ordered several straight taper needles, but all (CEK, CGH, DEJ) are back ordered. So saturday I rode the same place as last time, the same needle (NOZI) same main as last time but the new slide and one up on the pilot.

It's awesome. My 200 pulls hard from the moment you crack open the throttle until you scream it out on top.

If any of you guys are going to continue with the tripple taper needles (NOZx), and you had ANY reservations about changing the slide, don't. Just do it. You can thank me later.



Super Power AssClown
Oct 4, 1999
New Mexico
Ryan, where did you get the 7.5 slide? Off the shelf, or did you have to shave one down? I'd heard that the #7 slide was too lean for us northern types-- except maybe in the middle of summer.


Aug 2, 2000
The 7.5 is not to lean and in fact I know of several riders that are running #8 slides here in the mid-west with the triple taper needles of course.

I think that most riders simply change to the single taper needle because it is much cheaper than buying a slide or they don't know how to shave down their old slide. Also, the single taper needles do seem to work and there is a lot of free advise to be found on them.

Hope this helps.

I run mine year round and I'm fairly sure that Ryan does too.


Mar 19, 2001
I did have a friend cut mine. He did about 6 of them, Funmart Cycle got 4 of them, one was mine and one was friends. I found that the 8 was a little lean for my liking, but Tim from Funmart runs the 8 all the time. With the 7.5 & 8 slide we have been running the the KTM G needle. This seems to work great and I only go back to the stock slide in the middle of winter.