Apr 22, 2000
I just got a used 250F and have acouple questions on selecting the best springs and rear sprocket.
The bike is play ridden on MX tracks (intermediate-beginner).
I'm a 6'1" vet and tip the scale at 220.
The stock shock/fork springs are 4.8 and 0.44
The bike currently has a 5.2 and 0.42
For my size and ability, Race Tech recommends 5.2 and 0.47
Does the Race Tech recommendation sound reasonable to you? Anyone out there that's my size - and what are you running?

Rear Sprocket:
Stock is a 48 with a 112-link chain.
Would you recommend a 50 or 52?
Any info on how many links for the 50 and 52 tooth sprockets?



Nov 4, 2000
race tech sounds about right.

I am a 175 .lb good beginner, medium novice. I am running 5.2 in the shock and .46's in the front, and the suspension feels great. I did not re-valve, but upped the rebound 2 clicks, and backed the compression off 2 clicks (front and rear ) I could probably back the compression off 1 more click up front and 2 more in the back on easier tracks, or tracks with less jumps. I also upped the oil level in the forks by 20 cc's. I was bottoming front and rear before, even after going up 3 clicks on the compression. The static sag should tell the story on the rear, the front will take more testing.

As far as the rear sprocket, I would say if the track is tighter, run 1 tooth higher on the rear, but I love the stock gearing sprockets for the higher speed tracks that I run on. I never get to 5th, but I don't like to shift every 3 seconds either.:)

On the chain length, stock should work with one extra tooth? 2 extra, you should need at least 1 extra link, but I would buy 2 and grind one off if need be. I have no idea on a 52. of course I am running the stock 48.
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Dec 31, 1969
At 210, I'm running 46's and 5.2 ... works really well.


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Jan 25, 2000
Intermediate Beginner

Originally posted by Traildale1

The bike is play ridden on MX tracks (intermediate-beginner).

This is a little off topic, but when I was reading that line it first struck me that you were rating yourself as an "Intermediate Beginner". I'm sure you meant the tracks. In our neck of the woods (desert), we call beginner tracks "vet" tracks, otherwise us "older" riders would get our feelings hurt.

An Intermediate Beginner could be:

1. A Beginner who finishes midpack in the beginner class

2. A rider who is an Intermediate in his mind, but a Beginner in real life.

3. A rider who is trying the Intermediate class, but can't jump big doubles.

I thinks #2 describes me fairly well. :confused:
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