Aug 22, 2000
I kicked my XR200 over today after it sat most of the summer (really busy with building projects around the house!) and it smoked like a 2-stroke. I only ran it for about 5 minutes. Is this anythiing to be worried about? By the way, did they do away with the beginner's forum? Also, does anyone know about when they are sending out out tickets for the Midwest Spodefest?


Feb 10, 2001
I think it's normal, as long as it clears up after a few minutes. Mine does the same thing if I don't start it for like a week, except with mine it isn't consistant smoke, it's like 1 or 2 puffs when I rev the engine then it's gone. I personally wouldn't let my bike go that long without starting it unless it was properly prepared like the manual says, but I can understand about the projects. Same thing going on here!:scream:

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