40 yr old with hist first ever motorcycle/dirt bike

Jul 12, 2018
I recently moved from a small house on a 1/4 acre lot to a large house on 8.5 acres. Had a friend come over with his mini excavator and build a 0.5 mile trail system around my property. I bought my 11 yr old a xr70 a few months back and got my hands on a jr50 for free that needs some work for my little guy. Well it was dirving me crazy to have the kids ridding and me have nothing. So I bought a 05' ttr230 that just needed a good carb cleaning and is running great now. I've only rode it once but man that thing is a ton of fun. I've ridden pedal bikes and mountain bikes but man having an engine...its a whole different world one I wish I got into 30 years ago instead of now. But I'm enjoying it, really enjoying it.
- a d v e r t i s e m e n t -

Dec 31, 1969
Dallas, Texas
Very cool! You guys will have a blast riding together! Some of my best memories are riding with my dad when I was a kid. Life got in the way and we didn't ride together for more than 20 years, then went out and got bikes and started where we left off! That was in 1999 :)

He's mid 70's now and will still jump on his YZF and spin a few laps around the yard. That's after a hip replacement and shoulder work ... I've always said his hip went bad from kicking on that hard to start '01 YZF250. :p

Enjoy! And welcome to DRN. Don't hesitate to ask questions or for some help if you need it.