Jun 5, 2007
Hello everyone. I am new to motocross. My son wanted to get into the sport this year so I bought him a 07 crf150r in march. Well after I rode it a few times at the track I was bitten by the bug. I am 50 yrs old and I just bought me a 07 kx250f this past weekend & man I love it. I was wanting to go to the track Sunday but they were rained out but I got to ride around the house and get a little used to the bike. Hope to get to the track next weekend. Well better go. Talk to yall later.

Tony Eeds

Godspeed Tony.
N. Texas SP
Jun 9, 2002
Have fun!

You are building memories for a lifetime. :)


2-Strokes forever
Jul 3, 1999
Very cool, from one old ( but not as old as Tony :laugh: ) guy to another. :cool: People just don't understand until they do it.


Apr 18, 2006
Welcome to the club!

I bought my first bike about 4 years ago when I was ~46 and my kids were 15 & 17. The primary reason for buying the bike was that my wife's parents and brother lived out in the desert and we would go visit a lot. Her brother rode and he would occasionally invite my son out to go ride the quad around in an area not far from home. I bought the bike so I wouldn't get left out (or more precisely, left back at the house to be talked at endlessly by her dad....)

Then my wife started feeling left out, so I bought her a quad. Then my daughter felt left out so I bought her a quad. Then my son bought himself a bike.

Now days, instead of traveling to the deset to visit the inlaws and get a little dirt biking in we travel to the desert to ride and get a little visiting in! The entire family will enjoy a mild ride, my daughter and I can tear it up pretty good, but man, when my son and I go tearing off...... Let's just say I usually come back a little worse for the wear (sometimes a lot worse....)

Enjoy your sport and the bonding with your son.

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