5 Days of GPS Power – SOLVED!


Dec 30, 2003
I, like many folks, depend wholly on my GPS to keep me from getting very, very lost. Most portable GPS’ will not operate on internal batteries on any single cylinder bike no matter the type of expensive mount. Most are forced to use the bikes power with a native power cable to the GPS.

We KDXers, however, don’t exactly have a real stable power source (or DC one for that matter) to draw from.

What to do –

I wound up buying a 12v sealed lead acid (SLA) battery from a battery distributor. These SLA batteries are the ones used in UPS for computers and security systems. This is 12V, 5 AH, and is about 4”x3”x3”. Weighs about 2.5 pounds.

I have a waterproof Pelican Case mounted on my rear fender – this system takes up about 1/5 of my interior room. I fired the GPS a couple days ago on SLA power and it has been running 24x7 since. I now know I can get at least 50+ hours out of a single charge – so that is basically a weeks worth of riding. The 5AH SLA can be charged on the low setting of a standard battery charger.

Battery, charger and some connections were $40.

If you need some details – just let me know.