Apr 21, 2000
Can anyone give me some insight on which is a better all around bike for the eastern usa , 520 sx or 400 sx ? Looking for a bike that can do it all without being too over bearing. Does the 400 deliver enough power? Is it more reliable? Will it allow to ride longer /harder?

Y2K KTM 520EXC, Ride Hard and Often!


Dec 16, 2000
Knobbie, I have both bikes. After riding each for about three months, I have decided to keep the 520sx. Yes you can ride the 400 longer with less abuse on the body, and it will probably keep consitent lap times. But it does not have the power of a strong 250. So holeshots and berm blasting are not common. It probably depends on your size and what type of riding you will do. Woods riding would suit the 400 perfectly. But like everbody says, it is nice to have those extra horses with the 520. Even the 520 is smooth and won't beat you up as much as an open two stroke, or is it as abrupt as a 250. Either bike is great, good luck.

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