6"2...185 lbs...new to dirtbikes...WHAT BIKE !


Oct 8, 2003
I'm new to riding, though i ride my friends little xr100 pretty easy, even though it's ridiculously small for me...anyway...what bike would you guys suggest? I will be riding mostly for fun, but i will also be wanting to jump and rip it up, since many of my friends race District36 and AMA...so i want to be able to keep up with them. ANY SUGGESTIONS?...my first thought was the new CRF250R ...but i'm wondering if that is too much bike for a begginer ? ? ?? ?

Porstala F9

Jul 30, 2003
Actually, a CRF 250 would be an ideal beginner bike for you. Four strokes are easy to ride and more forgiving for new riders, and have tons of power. 4 strokes are great beginner bikes to learn on. I say go for it.
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