Jan 2, 2000
Alright, I posted this in the mods and performance forum but didn't get a response. Maybe they don't remember what points are

Anyway I recently got a '69 Honda z50. It had not been used at all in probably 10-15 years. I cleaned the carb, the inside of the flywheel and the points and it started right up. I did not even have to change plug. Now I want to do a tune-up, plug, points and condensor. Can someone please tell me what to set the point gap at?

This bike is a blast, everyone that rides it gets the same foolish grin on their face.

Thanks for your help,

Jim Johnston

Jan 20, 2005
Tuning the Z50-A

1) Std Plug---NGK C-6H GAP---0.024--0.028in
2) PNT. GAP--- 0.012--0.016in
3) IGN. TIMING-----25deg BTDC
4) COND. CAPACITY---0.27--0.33MFD
5) FLOAT LEVEL.-----18mm
6) Std. Main Jet.---# 60
7) Std Slow Jet.----# 35
8) Std needle pos. 4th groove from top (carb mod z5a)
3rd groove from top (carb mod z5b)
9) Air screw setting,-----initial 11/4 from closed :yikes:
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