82 XR200R Throttle Cable Routing


May 9, 2001
Can anyone out there advise me on proper routing of the thottle cable on this bike? I rebuilt this bike last fall & it runs great - only problem is that I've obviously mis-routed the new throttle cable as it revs up/down as the handlebar is turned from side to side. I've tried several variations and it still does it. It's driving me nuts. I'm beginning to wonder if the routing is the real source of the problem.

I'd really appreciate any ideas from folks who are familiar with this model. Thanks,


Mar 11, 2000
JavaMoto, Many of these models had similar routing, here is something to try. Throttle housing should be positioned to allow cable to run over the bar at about the right "crossbar" junction. Then route cable down and under the upper triple clamp (fork bridge), staying on the right side of the frame. Then back to the carb. I have seen these on some models where they were ran on the left side of the frame, and end up a tad short. This may or may not be your situation, just giving you something to look at.
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