Feb 5, 2001
Got home last night and noticed a thin oil leaking as I pushed the bike into the garage. It was dripping from off of the shock linkage. Is there a seal on the shock that can wear?? If so is this the common effect of that?? Truthfully, I didn't even know there was oil in the shock, but I guess there has to be as it's a moving part creating friction.?.? How hard is it to replace the seal?? much does it cost to get it replaced if I take the shock out myself and take it somewhere?? Thanks a lot!!

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Feb 6, 2000
yes there is a seal in there that wears out, along with a bushing that the shaft rides on, hopefully the shaft is o.k. expense will be in the 100 to 150 range with a rebuild and seal head. its 10 years old, it due!
try mx-tech, he has stuff for the older bikes i'm sure.


Feb 13, 2001
I do not think you want to mess with it yourself. You need special tools and must be charged with nitrogen, etc. Hopefully it is just a seal. I have had the shaft on an old KX wear down to the point it had to be rechromed. $$$.

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