96 cr 125


I was riding one weekend i rode around for a little bit then i remembered i hadnt checked the crank case oil since last weekend i poured a little bit in there to see where it was at and it was milky like there was water in there is this condinsation or is it getting water from the coolent system i checked the coolent system and its always up to level. Does any body know whats wrong.


Oil Seals

I had the same problem with my '93 KX250. After a day of riding, the oil would appear milky, but coolant level did not appear to change. I replaced the two oil seals behind the water pump impeller; no more coolant in the oil.


i got a 96 125 to my dealer said the impeller bearings on that year were notorius for going on mine the impeler gear snapped a tooth cause the guy i got it from ran it with the bad seals and bearing in it all u gotta go is pulls the side cover impeller and use a bearing puller they come right out
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